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Shopify Theme Development:
What Are Shopify Sections?

Shopify sections are content block templates built for Shopify themes and coded using the Liquid language. They allow you to customize your store and display content in new and different ways.

Adding a new section to your website is a great way to upgrade your store without initiating a major design overhaul. With the help of our customizable Shopify Liquid section blocks, you can simply add a content block template that will enhance the look of your website and deliver your message to visitors in a simple, elegant, and efficient way.

There are static and dynamic sections. Static sections are included in a theme's layout files just like the header and footer areas. Dynamic sections can be added to your pages from the Theme Editor. Think of them as building blocks that make up various parts of your page.

Theme editor

Dynamic sections can be easily customized within the Theme Editor. Typically, you can change colors and fonts to match the rest of the theme and various other functionalities (depending on the theme you’re using). But our Shopify sections can do so much more than that! You can add multiple types of content (i.e. text, images, video, or a combination of them all). Additionally, most sections offer several layout options depending on what you need them for. With many themes, the sections that you can use are limited. You may not be able to change font sizes or spacing, add an image or icon or all together display content in a particular way (i.e. a comparison table for displaying different plans or levels of your product or service).

Moreover, these custom sections can be added to any page of the website, not just the Homepage - so they can be used to create unique landing pages. However, there are different ways of doing this depending on the theme you have installed and the date when you installed it. Shopify upgraded to version 2.0 which made many advancements to themes. Our sections can cover both versions, but the method of installing and duplicating them is different. 

And if you want to have several sections at the same time, that’s not a problem since you can mix and match them on the same page or across several different pages. They can be rearranged and turned on and off through the theme editor. The customization process is extremely easy and intuitive and takes only a few minutes to set up. 

Let us tell you about the benefits of using pre-built content blocks to show why Shopify merchants or web designers decide to install them over hiring a developer for custom website redesigns.

More specific layout options for your content

Shopify sections can elevate the look of your website and make it stand out. Even though many standard themes do a decent job of displaying information and products, a lot of Shopify theme-based stores tend to look pretty similar. Furthermore, sometimes you just don’t have enough options to properly add the content that you want to display. So with the help of our sections, you’ll be able to improve the layout of your pages but more importantly communicate your message exactly how you want to.

You can restructure the information about your store, display your products and categories in more ways, and create unique and stylish Call To Action blocks.

Basically, you are no longer limited to the options given by standard layout of your chosen theme Shopify pages. That’s great for merchants who need multiple landing pages on their website. You can create a niche look for your content without having to write custom code. That’s great for merchants who have a few more things to say, but don’t have a way to say it properly.

Our Featured Sections

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Split Screen with Vertical Scroll

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Wavy Text

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Grid Gallery

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It’s a quick and easy upgrade

Pre-built Shopify section templates allow you to customize your website within minutes. You can update your store’s look without doing a major overhaul or compromising SEO. The installation process couldn’t be easier or less time-consuming (trust us, we thought of every possible way).

And if you need to adjust them later, these add-on sections can be removed from a page very easily. Additionally, they can be modified at any given moment or made invisible for a time without losing your custom section settings. And if you like to change them up once in a while, they don’t impact the website’s SEO like deleting or rewriting the content of an entire standalone page does.

All in all, pre-built Shopify sections offer a simple and intuitive way to customize your site. Shopify makes it easy to start an e-commerce business for any merchant, and we make the customization process  even easier.

Faster page load time

Shopify has integrations with hundreds of amazing apps. However, they all have one thing in common: they are developed by third parties and rely on outside service.

That often means clunky or slow page load speeds and, poor server response time, and even lost integrations. Basically, the code that generates your app-based page content is hosted on another server, and it takes time for it to show up on your website. And if a few-second delay doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, consider this: Google’s research shows that the chance of a bounce increases by 32% when a page load time goes from one to three seconds, and by 90% when it goes from one to five seconds. Moreover, if a website takes up to 10 seconds to load, the chance of a bounce increases to a whopping 123%. And don’t forget that the code that’s being loaded is sometimes bloated with things you don’t necessarily need.  so after the code is downloaded to the site, it needs to execute.

With our Shopify sections, you get the code upon purchase and place it directly on the page, so it doesn’t get loaded every time from a different server. The script is made to be as optimized as it possibly could be so that your website loads really fast. This way, you have a higher visitor retainment rate. Additionally, you rank higher in search engines since the algorithm favors fast-loading websites and uses page load speed as one of the signals of a trusted website.

Low fixed cost

Shopify sections upgrade both the look and functionality of your website at a low, predictable cost. When compared with apps and custom website redesigns, pre-built sections show an extremely high value per dollar spent. They are perfect for websites that need very specific tweaks or improvements, and you have the code forever for that particular website. There are no hidden fees, no monthly charges, and the price does not depend on the sales volume or traffic. And if you’re a website designer who’s looking for a solution for all of your clients’ websites, we offer a license that allows you to use our code across multiple websites.

Our goal is to empower merchants and designers to customize their Shopify storefronts at the lowest possible cost. As a web design studio, we understand how expensive and time-consuming it can get to create a unique Shopify website. That’s why we offer a pre-built solution that’s aimed at cutting costs and shortening the timelines.

Contact us or read our FAQs if you have any questions about pre-built Shopify section templates, and we’ll be happy to assist you.